Japan Nutrition Foundation
Introducing the The Japan Nutrition Foundation
Through its joint activities with the International Sports Nutrition Foundation (ISNF), which is headquartered in California, and is an official member of the Nutritional Foods Association (NNFA), The Japan Nutrition Foundation (JNF) has been offering nutritional advice, support and backup for people in the fields of sports, health and beauty. It is well known that in the sports field that food can change the course of sports history. At the same time consumption of nutrients has been drawing attention in the fields of health and beauty. In the medical field, the Japanese government has been stressing the necessity of preventive medicine, and the role of nutrition in preventive medicine has received much attention. In the U.S, nutritionists can provide advice and counselling for consumption of various supplements including vitamins and minerals to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Such advice and counselling is not confined to sports athletes but is available for the general public, or more precisely, anyone interested in maintaining their health and beauty.
In the near future we envision that a similar system will take root in Japan, and there will be a pressing need for nutritionists. Looking at the present health boom in Japan, I am surprised that the need for more nutritionists has not come sooner.
The Japan Nutrition Foundation will continue to draw upon the wealth of experience and resources of nutritional science in the U.S in developing a similar system and human resources in Japan.
Japan Nutrition Foundation
Toshiya Ichiraku, Doctor of Nutritional Science